Facebook Upgrade its Security with New Login Approvals

Facebook develop security Keys function for securing your account in advance manner. These preference can safeguard users account facebook acknowledge it

If you want to defend your account from attacks like phishing and man in middle attacks so you can use the security key for assuring your account.It’s backing universal second factor(U2F) to login to your facebook account for approving your identity.
For using this key you have to upgrade your web browser for adding safety/guard key from your computer. Mobile devices and web browsers can be used for facebook security keys. this key works simply like when you use your fingerprint for unlocking your mobile. this key is more suitable for choosing another form of safety settings.

Know What is SECURITY KEY?

This key support many features and standards like public key encryption and authentication, one-time password, and the universal second factor (U2F).
This key is just like a USB-based hardware key, so for using it you have to do is insert the key into a port and tap it for completing your login, and there is no need of Google authentication or SMS.


this is an open certification standard of two factors which uses specialized USB or NFC devices which are based on security tech that found in smart cards. And this is initially advanced by Google and Yubico, with input from NXP Semiconductors.

Benefits of security keys:

1. Quick login
Logging become so simple like when you tap the key after entering your password it so because use of the security key.

this key can also use for any supported online account and these accounts can remain securer because key does not recognize any records of where it has been used, this is because of this key that supports U2F and that just don’t work only for facebook.

3.Phishing protection
Your login is practically unaffected for phishing because there is no need to enter a code as hardware automatically provides cryptographic proof that it is already on your machine.
Presently, this will not be able to work with the Facebook app. But you can use it if you have an NFC capable android device along with the latest version of chrome and Google installed, and you can also log in from Our mobile websites by the help of NFC capable. In firefox can presently enable through an addon support.

If you turn on login approvals so when you try to access your facebook account from a new computer, mobile device or browser so it will ask you to enter a special safety code. Login approval is a security feature that has some extra security step and is complementary to login alert.

For turning your login approval follow below steps:
1. Open your facebook account, then go to your Settings and click on Security.
2. Click on Login Approvals section.
3. Now what you need to do click on Add Key in Security Keys Section.

4. Then Register Your Security Key by insert your key into the USB port, after this just click on continue.

When you added to U2F option so your facebook account becomes more protected. Many companies are also using security keys including Google, Dropbox.


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