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Google Discontinue Google Site Search

Freshly, several emails to the customers have informed that Tech Giant Google has resolved to close down its essential product “Site Search’’ by the spring. This product is widely used by the many users and this is one of the paid product of the Tech Giant.

Several emails are informing the customers that tech giant is going to close down one of its essential product.

Yes, it accent elegant odd and shocking. No one has ever thought that tech giant will hit one of its paid product or it’s a free product. As it arises due to an enormous number of users stay linked with these products. Presently Tech Giant Google going to do again for its paid product which is generally used by many users.

Tech Giant Google has resolved to close down its essential product “Site Search’’ by the spring. This product is widely used by the many users and this is one of the paid product of the Tech Giant.

Now you all will be worry about that what customers will do who have already paid for this product?
So, let me analyze it, according to Tech Giant Google, that those customers have already paid for it they will simply continue to have the services, but, no new licenses will be sold after the 1st April 2017.

Moreover, all the existing customers will be able to migrate to the Google ad-supported custom search engine till their license get expired.
Tech Giant is troubling its customers but wanted to show that this decision was a really a good decision.

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