Depression? Don’t worry you have google !!!

Fighting from depression? | Depression Don’t worry you have google. Can’t share it with anyone? Don’t worry you have google !!!
A large number of people are fighting with depression and this is affecting to all the ages. From famous celebrities to normal working population of worldwide, nobody is untouched from depression.

Depression Don’t worry you have google you know Depression is something for which people try to hide or don’t even try to share with their friends this problem. sometimes because of lack of knowledge, people remain unaware that they are fighting with depression.

To overcome this problem, Google has launched a new feature name ‘symptom search’ last year. This feature used to figure out the information regarding the medical conditions of existing problems. Now in this, depression has also added. The users can online check out are they depressed or not

To do so. You have to go to search tool of Google and go for clinical depression. After doing that users have to go with ‘are you clinically depressed’ and fill out a quiz. On the basis of your answers google with telling you about your condition.

The tool is made up of with the help of experts and after getting results from it, you can decide to visit your doctor.

Google take cares of clinical depression under which depression is caused due to the loss of the death of your loved ones. so here you will get the solution to your problems which is caused by depression so share your all depression issue with google and google will surely help you to come out of the depression.

Nowadays depression is spreading to a large extent in human beings. They are becoming unconscious because of tension, stress, and depression in their life. everybody wants to get rid of their depression because depression is doing some disaster to their life, due to this they are not able to concentrate on work, which again leads to tension, stress and their mind becoming unconscious.

so this is important to remove the depression, stress, and tension from their life otherwise it can cause a great disaster to their life.
Here Google has come to solve your problem related to depression, you can share your depression with google and there is no need to hide your depression from google. Sometimes what happens people hide their problem, they just don’t want to share their problems with another person because some people think if they will tell their problem to someone, they will make fun of him as they will think that this person is so stupid who get upset or depressed from small things, what he will do in his life if he gets depressed from small things of his life.

that’s the reason, people hide their problems and many reasons are there for hiding their problem. like you share your problem with another person and you ask help from him but he is unable to give the solution to your problems.
Now don’t worry about (Depression Don’t worry you have google) it what others will think or they will help you or not, here Google take care of your problems.


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