How To Rank Your YouTube Videos In 2020 (#7 New Strategies)

In this video I explained how exactly you can rank your videos in YouTube.

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Here are 7 strategies that I covered in below video:

First, I explained about Click Through Rate (CTR) and the step by which you can boost your video CTR organically.

Next, talked about Engagement signals and how you can get more likes and comments on your video. this will not only grow your YouTube channel but also going to help in doing video SEO.

The next strategy is about “Video Embeds”.showing how you can embed your video in your own website. This one is a simple strategy that can easily help you to rank your videos in YouTube.

Next, talked about the (TSC Tag Formula).tags are really important for YouTube SEO and here is how I exactly explained. this formula will help your videos to get high rank.

The next is how to rank as suggested video, explain the two factors that is based on.

Briefly explained the two ranking factors of YouTube – Watch time and Audience Retention with that quick tip to increase watch time.

finally, you get the tip for optimizing your video description.

In the end, you’ll have the 7 strategies for ranking your videos higher in YouTube.

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