WhatsApp Modify Lots of Things with New Surprising Features

Nowadays WhatsApp is trendy in the worldwide messaging app, WhatsApp attracts the people more and more by reinventing the new features in WhatsApp. Presently WhatsApp is trying out some amazing new features which are going to fulfill the needs of the people. Whatsapp is introducing remarkable features which will definitely suit to the many users.

In late times, WhatsApp is previously offering lots of special new features. Whatsapp has offers the latest video call features for the users on Android. It also introduces the two-factor authentication for all like for Android, iOS, and Windows users.

Recently it was just announced that you can indicate all the conversation groups in real time and it provides the stories features in iOS. So there is no doubt that WhatsApp is launching new special features for the users. Whatsapp is going to provide the renewed function i.e. status. Whatsapp is one of the most in-demand messaging apps among the people. WhatsApp is celebrating eight years of existence. Whatsapp provides the same feature as Instagram provides, as you can update your photos, status.

Whatsapp began in February 2009, At that time it gives the feature of updating the status to all your contacts at the same time. Now after the eight years, Whatsapp is back on to innovate the new amazing features like sharing the images, videos to all your contacts safely along with such a ease. Whatsapp also provides features of status updates will remain encrypted. It means whatever you have the update, so your all status will be there in your phone. Now the WhatsApp service is going to celebrate 8 years on the 24th of February. So you have to check your WhatsApp that you have updated or not, for enjoying the features which are available for this app.

So, how you judge the new amazing features of WhatsApp? If you like this post so share your thoughts under comment box below.

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