Are you worried about Advertising on Smartphones. Here Is the solution

 क्या आप Smartphone पर विज्ञापन के बारे में चिंतित हैं। यहाँ समाधान है।

Are you worried about advertising on smartphones, you are watching a video on your smartphone and suddenly an advertisement comes then this is a genuine thing that you will get angry. On the other side while playing games you have to watch some advertising when you don’t want to see that ad. Normally all of us have to face this problem. To solve this problem, we are going to tell you about three apps that will help give you relief from these ads.

Are you worried about Advertising on Smartphones? Here Is the solution


This is a really noticeable thing, you will not get all of these on Google Play Store.

Although some of them you can download from Google Play Store. That app you won’t get on Google Play Store, you can download them on Blackmart and 9 Apps. if you are really worried about advertising on smartphones then this trick is for you.

Let’s talk about these apps in detail.


Are you worried about Advertising on Smartphones? Here Is the solution

If you wanted to stop unwanted ads, then use the Adaway app to stop ads. This is a very simple ad blocker app. This app supports modified and custom host files.

Host files get saved to your Android’s internal storage. This app is not downloaded from Play Store, it can be downloaded from other platforms.

But if you want access to this app then you have to link it to your device. In such a situation you have to be very careful.

Adblock Plus

 If we talk about its specialty then it can work on both root and non-rooted devices. This app works in the background of your smartphone.

In this app, you can stop unwanted ads. This app works like a web traffic filter like the web extension does. Along with this it remains activated in your phone background.

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Are you worried about Advertising on Smartphones? Here Is the solution

Adguard app works the same as the way the above-mentioned app works. This app can be used without routing it. Users will get the simple interface of this app. Other than this you can access it very easily.

Although the free version of this app is available only on the browser.

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