Best And Top Feature of WhatsApp?


Best and top feature of WhatsApp, If you have a bad habit of sending messages to the wrong persons by mistake then there is good news for you. WhatsApp is going to launch a new feature for you. It will be a 5-minute window to correct such kinds of misdirected messages. If to be believed on the information given by WABetalInfo which is a fan site that tests new features of WhatsApp has informed that WhatsApp is about to introduce a feature called the “RECALL” feature. With the help of this feature, users can recall or unsent text, videos, status replies, images, quoted messages. This procedure will be 5 minutes windows. This feature will be available in the upcoming version 2.17.30+. Currently, the latest version of WhatsApp is 2.17.190. You can’t edit old messages. This editing can be done only for recent messages. iPhone UPDATES:- WhatsApp has launched a good feature for iPhone users which is a reply shortcut. Users can reply by swiping right on any message and start typing. FILTERS UPDATES:- WhatsApp camera now has filters for photos, GIFs, videos. You can either go click a picture or choose any filter which is black and white, pop, cool, chrome, and film.


In today's scenario, everybody likes chatting because of new coming chatting apps in which WhatsApp is included.

WhatsApp has used to a large extent in the world, people can't imagine their life without WhatsApp because this is the one mode by which they can talk to their friends and can share their feelings with their friends/relatives.

WhatsApp provides you the best and useful feature by which you can share your information and can easily do whatever you want to do.

firstly WhatsApp provides simple, reliable messaging by which you and your family can send the messages for free as it uses the phone internet of yours and ignore the sending messages by SMS.

WhatsApp provides group chat in which you can talk and comes in contact with your family, friends who matter to you the most in your life. by this, you can send messages, videos, and photos to 256 people at once and you can name your group by framing group with your friends and can customize it.

WhatsApp provides WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls by which you can come in contact with your friends and family for free. you can talk to them even they are set in another country and with video calls, you will be having face-to-face conversations. This also helps in minimizing the expenses of call charges.

at the same time, it also provides the facility of WhatsApp on the web and Desktop, you can easily transfer your WhatsApp to the desktop by downloading the desktop app.

it also offers you to share your all moments with your family and friends. you can easily send the photos and videos on WhatsApp which you have captured with a camera.

it also secures your information, your contact only can see your personal moments, nobody from outside can see your personal moments and WhatsApp itself cannot see your personal moments.

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