Google Chrome Fake Website Alert, New Feature Came

Google Chrome फेक वेबसाइट अलर्ट, नया फीचर आया

Google Chrome Fake Website Alert, according to this feature, if any user attracts to any malware and goes to the website. Then the user will get a real-time alert from the browser.

Google Chrome Fake Website Alert, New Feature Came

CEO of Google Sundar Pichai gave a warning t the user, he said that if any user login in to any website then there is a danger of stealing the information. They tweet on the Google Chrome Fake Website Alert.

In the tweet, he said that they launched the protection feature for Google Chrome. The company said that, according to this feature. Any user gets attracted to malware and reaches the website, at that point in time user will get a real-time alert from the browser.

He further wrote one more thing that, they will give an alert to the users while visiting a malware-affected website and on the desktop, they will increase the real-time phishing protection.

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Let us tell you that phishing is a social engineering attack. This usually comes in the use of stealing user's data. This data includes login credentials and credit card numbers etc.

Google has added a blog in chrome named Better Password Protection. Google introduced the technology of password check-up extension for the first time. This allows you to scan your password anytime and it became part of checking the password in your Google account in October.

It used in chrome for browsing as well as giving alerts. Google said that an alert is given to every day to 4 billion users, while they go to the malware-affected website.

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