Hack Anyone Computer ?

Hack Anyone Computer ?

 How to Hack and Access Same LAN System?

Here are very interesting thing friends as you know everyone works somewhere, If you are working in an office and in your office have many computers which are connected same LAN network, and the Same condition in colleges and you want to hack victim computer like your friends & any other person. Then this post is very useful for you. Just follow the below steps.

Seven Simple Steps to Hack LAN System

Step 1 – Open Run on your computer (Press Win+ R) To the Active Hack command.

Step 2 – Type cmd then press enter.

Step 3 – Now you need to type command net view.

For Example, it will Look like à C:/>net view

Server Name Remark



After running the net view command you will get all the list of computer machine names that are connected with your LAN. Yeah, now you got the computer machine names. Let's do Hacking.

Step 4 – Now you have all server names which are connected same LAN so just type tracert command to know the IP address of the victim machine.

For Example, it will Look like à C:/> tracert XYZ

With this, you get the IP address of the XYZ computer machine.

Step 5 – Open Remote Desktop Connection, by typing in the Windows start button. When you click on Remote Desktop Connection you get a dialog box like the below image.

Step 6 – Then you have to type IP Address or type the computer name of the victim machine that you want to hack.

Step 7 – Now Click on Connect. Then it will ask administrator password which is common as usual you known.

It's all set after a few seconds after a click on connect victim machine appear on your PC, now you have all access to victim computer now you can open anything whatever you want.

So you are eligible to hack someone’s PC. or hack the Local Area Network.

Only For Educational Purpose.

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