How to Block Irritating Incoming Calls

How to Block Irritating Incoming Calls

Hi everyone welcome to our brand new post (Block Irritating Incoming Calls) of the coolest. This is Hackcopss as always I am going to write for you about how to spread the limit of technology.

In today’s post, I am gonna show you how you can block annoying or irritating phone calls from telemarkets, ex-girlfriends, stockers & even that sticky uncle who lives down the street. Keep Reading…

If you get a lot of phone calls at odd hours always troubling you, most of us, we tend to ignore such phone calls but that does not solve the problem or a lot of us will actually go to the police & register a complaint and try to block all that calls. As you know that this can take a long time as well. So instead let me give you a better solution. It is a free solution, an easy solution, or can say a solution you can implement on your own.

You just need to follow up this post Simply download this very useful app called “call control” and call control is an app that only works on android phones. And once you have downloaded it you gotta click on the blacklist button. And in the blacklist, you can actually add any phone number from which whenever you get a phone call, automatically the call control app will reject that call.

So you no longer need to be disturbed. No longer need to look at your phone and then reject the call or anything like that Now you can Block Irritating Incoming Calls. Setup Steps for this application: -

1. So you just need to click on the +(plus) button

2. Click on the phone number

3. And type any number of your choice that you wish to block.

4. You can even block the caller's name. So if you have a caller id enabled on your phone, you can even block by the particular name of the person. Click on save & within a few seconds if you have noticed that the number is appearing on the blacklist.

Now if you get a phone call from that number this application will take care of it for you.

Not only that you can even block calls using a wildcard. So imagine that a person who is trying to stalk you is very very motivated & is constantly changing the number from which he is calling you. So you can even block an entire city. Just enter the area code of that particular city followed by the wild card which is the question mark incall and call from the entire city & all phones in that city will get blocked. As simple as that.

So call control is fantastic. If you getting annoying or irritating phone calls, you no longer need to worry about it. I wish this application helpful for you. If nobody calls you! Sorry dude I mean you should go out & meet few more people. Maybe the number of people start calling you.

Until next time keep reading, keep sharing. Let us know what you think about this application that works Block Irritating Incoming Calls. Feel Free to comment.

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