One Plus 6T has been coordinated with Google lens to make it smarterand more applicable.

One Plus 6T has been coordinated with Google lens to make it smarterand more applicable.

 There are very few phones in the market which are supporting the Google lens functioning within the camera app.


1. Google lens feature in the camera app is beneficial and especially found in phones with stock Android.

2. This feature of Google lens in One Plus 6T helos the phones to do translations and provide references of image or object within no time.

3. One Plus 6T phone is the latest variant of One Plus. And it supports

Oxygen OS is developed based on Android 9 Pie. As the simplicity looks beautiful, similarly customizing the One Plus phone with Oxygen OS makes it more adorable. And the so-called is the reason that in India people appreciate Oxygen OS that is being provided by One Plus in its phones. The lastly updated Oxygen OS is developed on Android 9Pie. But it is not how other phone makers customize it in their software, in spite One Plus customize most suitable for the T. When One Plus company adds a feature, the user interface of Android is a very decent view so that the phone remains more useful. Google lens in One Plus 6T camera is also integrated with this facilitation.

Google lens has non-comparatively use. It is likely to modify the camera or phone into a smart virtual eye and make the consumers able to capture the world's facts they are surrounded with. Yet there are so many phones that are not utilizing this feature in the cameras. Though Google's own Pixel phones are characterized by it, the popular newly launched One Plus 6T has also been developed with Google directly integrated into the camera app. And as a result, the time is that One Plus doesn't discuss AI for the camera in One Plus 6T, but serves with many unbelievable and easily applicable features via 16- megapixel rear camera in its phone.

So, what you can do with the Google lens in One Plus 6T? All the things you can do in a Google Pixel phone with a Google lens are also possible in One Plus 6T.

Google lens is not less than a search tool and it also analyzes whatever you see. Using the integrated Google lens in One Plus 6T you can search for products online and also see similar styles, can recognize Google known plants, animals, learn about landmarks, and more.

Google finally explains it by saying, “(Lens comes with) smart text selection (that) connects the words you see with the answers and actions you need.

It can help you translate an Italian menu into English very fast. It can identify the objects such as animals, plants, or anything so that you can search about them on the web.

This advanced technology requires the phone's powerful hardware and the unmodified (by the third party) Android very. And One Plus 6T performs well on both criteria.

How to use Google lens on One Plus 6T? It's so easy-

1. Go to the camera app

2. Go to the Google lens icon in the options

3. Focus the camera on desired view or point.

4. As Coloured dots twinkle and tap it to learn more.

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