Relief to Customers From Upgradation


Windows 10 operating system has lots of good features in it but the most annoying thing in this operating system is to update all the time. Users have to update their system either they want it or not.

Users complain about it the most as they can neither ignore nor reject such kinds of updates. They have no other option but to update the system. These updates are related to security reasons and other improvements.

The worst thing about these updates is not asking users to give permission and because of this many customers face losing their data as updates secretly do an exchange of data without the knowledge of customers.

Because of the above stuff, Microsoft got a huge amount of criticism. For this unpleasant action, Microsoft has apologized for this and promised to make laws regarding the privacy and protection of data.

Microsoft has also promised not to download and installation of updates without the permission of customers and the company will not force them to do so. This is all about Relief to Customers From Upgradation or you can say Relief to Customers From Upgradation | NO PRESSURE FOR UPGRADATION ON CUSTOMERS: MICROSOFT, so now you no need to worry from the side of Microsoft.

Well, it will be good to see the effort of the company. what do think about the implementation of this by the company? Share your views in the comment box.

Hello, guys today I am going to share my views on the up-gradation of Window 10. My experience says that up-gradation of Window 10 creates lots of problems in work.

I bought a Laptop in January from DELL Company and Windows 10 was already operated on Laptop, firstly that was going great but after some time when Windows 10 updates are coming, again and again, that time difficulties were increasing, updates are uncontrollable. My problems are increasing day by day. In August my whole data was corrupted and it was difficult to recover my whole data. I took help from the Microsoft team for recovering my data they helped me a lot but the data was not recovered. I also took help from the DELL team they try what they can try but nothing happens and my data remain corrupted it became very difficult to recover it for them as well as for me. Upgradation created a problem for me and my work was destructed by the up-gradation of window 10 which lead to the destruction of my data.

sometimes up-gradation disturbs us because every time up-gradation has to be done it doesn't matter we want up-gradation or not. because of this up-gradation people lost their data like I have lost my data it becomes very difficult to recover the data or it is impossible to recover the data. In this situation, no one can help you and at last, you will think that I should uninstall my window 10 and install window 7 as I think right now.

If you have any depression, and you Can’t share it with anyone so don’t worry you have Google.

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