What can be done on the internet within one second

 What can be done on the internet within one second: What can happen in a second? there may be a lot or Nothing else can happen. 

So in this, we are going to talk about What can be done on the internet in just one second As long as you get blinking what happens on the internet.

First, we are going to talk about internet cables, you know how the Internet works. The internet is connected to the wires now we know that different continents and countries how connectivity is there means wires are going from below the ocean, the internet works like this only.

Internet connectivity is dependent on these wires only if these wires get cut in one country so the internet will also cut in other countries because the internet is connected with these wires only.

How is India linked to the other country? through the internet, India is connected with other countries.

So what if the wire under the Ocean is disconnected or broken? now you will ask me that why this will happen, everyone likes the internet so much we can not live without it. But this happens, you know the ships which travel in the ocean they carry the anchor for stopping the ship that anchor goes into the deep sea so wires get damaged because they are heavy, a wire is strong but not that much to Avoid dragging the anchor, it has happened many times yes there is a risk.

Internet connectivity is dependent on these wires only. if the wires get cut so what can be the damage in just one second not talking about one hour or one minute just one second

So let's see what happens on the internet in a second. (What can be done on the internet within one second)

1. In one second on Snapchat 5,27,760 photos are shared, this number of photos are shared in just one second.

2. In one second 41,46,600 videos are seen on youtube, so if connectivity is gone for one second then this number of videos will not be seen.

3. In one second 4,56,000 tweets are done on Twitter in the whole world.

4. In one second 1,54,200 calls are made on Skype.

Now think on the internet many things work so how much load that cable handles and that cable is not like the normal cable that is fiber optical cable.

5. in one second 26,50,000 GB of data is used in the only USA.

In India, we have a lot of mobile users than the population of America so think if we talk about then how much GB data is used in India and now Jio has come all the records are the break now.

6. In one second 36,07,000 searches are done on Google and Google handles this data in one sec.

7. In one second 600 edits are done on Wikipedia.

8. In the end, let’s talk about Amazon you know that Amazon is a very big marketplace good products are bought from here. But you know that in one second how much transaction is done on Amazon. In one second Rs. 1,80,00,000 transaction is done on Amazon only in one second it is very much.

I hope that I give some statistics fun some information about What can be done on the internet within one second, I have shared with you that how the internet can stop or how the internet can be in danger, how world connectivity can be gone. 

In one second world can be mismanaged. So this is all about What can be done on the internet within one second, I wish you enjoy this information plz comment below if you know any interesting fact whatever be done in one second.

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