You are in danger wait who is tracking you how to get rid of it ?

You are in danger wait who is tracking you how to get rid of it ?

You are in danger wait who is tracking you how to get rid of it ?: Aapko khatra hai!! who is tracking me, how to turn off location Hello guys today we are going to talk about that Google is tracking your location without your permission. the question arises, who is tracking me?

Google analyzes

Google check what you do and where you go, you have also seen in news sites, news magazines, and in the tech community that Google is tracking your location and Google has also answered so this is important to talk about this topic. you must be thinking that where I go and what I do means or what it matters, but it matters.

Which data are tracked:-

Do you know that along with your location, your browsing history, browsing behavior, and what you search, where you go on the internet that is also tracked and all these data are sold to marketing companies, yes yes, it's not only your data but this is millions of people data and it becomes very big data then data mining is also done in this so all these data are sold out?

If you don’t want to be tracked and Want to know who is tracking me:-

your browsing history, browsing behavior and I am going to give you a solution to this problem it could be a good VPN.

Best VPN:-

According to my, the best VPN can be Nord VPN. I also use this one only you should use this VPN because this VPN is best which secure you and what you are surfing on the internet will not be known to your service provider.

if you want to use any other VPN you can use it and there are Lots of free VPN which you can use. So you can save your privacy with a VPN.

A lot of profits are earned from this and this is the whole industry which works on the basis that where do you go, what do you like and what you buy.

HOW WE CAME TO KNOW (Who is tracking me)

Alright, we will talk about it How did it appear means how do we know. So there is one researcher who has off his phone's location and later from him the place where he went asked the rating there, then Questioned the person's mind that he has locked his location so how Google Reveals that I am on this store or mall and I am buying it.

You are in danger wait who is tracking you how to get rid of it: -

Here we get it:-

So start talking from here later, they came out in front that if you turn off your location even then Google tracks your location.

Why google ask for the rating then you will ask that going anywhere why to google ask their rating even if you are using google map, google places there are a lot of Google services. that's why when you go to the place, you give it a rating It will be from when someone will come so that person can check on google what's the rating of that place. Helps people choosing the right place, there is nothing wrong in this but goes wrong then when you do not want to track your location.

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Under this:-

I am gonna tell you how is this happening and how can you stop it, how can you survive because I don't want that where are you going they track you and it can be very risky.


ok you are and your father has a business there are lots of competitors and they want to go ahead so those people can make you harm.

criminals, who are revenge for they can harm you and you will think that who is tracking me? They will know where you are going because the bigger crime that happened today all of these are from the same digital media. Get trapped on Facebook, trace their location and hack their phones, So very good thing you know about it.


1.Through computer

First thing in your computer your location is tracked, when you open chrome in your pc then also google came to know your location.

but there is no GPS in your computer so how does Google know through your nearest server and service provider location can be traced this does not show your exact location. It only shows the location of your nearest metro city so there is not to worry. if you are using broadband of BSNL or of any other, but still google can trace your exact city because it can be known the service from where it comes.

2. Through GPS

The next thing which is very dangerous at this point the risk starts, which is your GPS when you go somewhere and you place your location it shows your exact location with the blue dot then, you off the map as well as your location. but the map which is open, gets saved in your memory. The internet is also a rule once the thing is gone, but it gets to the store and can be retrieved again.

Through weather widget

The second thing is the weather widget by this also your location can be traced, because the weather is shown according to your location only. even if your phone does not have internet and networks are there and you have on your GPS so still, your location can be traced, because GPS works through satellite.

Through Photo

You have also seen that when you click a photo with a new model of phone. you don’t disable the location of your phone. once your photo clicked it shows the exact location, where you clicked the photo. so on the basis of the photo, you're location can also be traced.

HOW TO GET RID OF TRACKING (Who is tracking me)

So now the question arises, how to get rid of it and how to block my phone from being tracked


1. Now so you have to first go to Settings and off the location, clear your map data if you are not using the map.

2. Then you have to go to where you can change the preferences of the application.

Google asked the question that why are you taking such locations? So Google said clearly, yes we take the location of users so that we can give them a good user experience.


what is a good user experience?

if we talk about this so there is a profit of both sides consumers as well as service providers.

How consumer benefit

When you live in the locality and you search for something, so Google shows you your nearest thing. It shows you according to your location so according to your location, it will give you a good experience.


if you have searched for a product suppose a tv budget range of RS. 5000 so google will first show you according to your budget. so to save time, Google shows you only those things that you need, according to your location and search history.

How service provider benefits

The benefit of the service provider is that it shows you the same ad you are searching

How Google earns money with the ads for Google, you are only the product. what you search these data are sold out, Google knows everything that what % of people search for which product of which brand.

This data is too precious and if this data is given to marketing companies think about what can happen, so companies will make that product which is of more demand or sell more so sales will be more than the profit would be there. so by this, these companies earn a profit and share with Google.


last but not the least, how your location can also be tracked by your phone network through your network provider, your location is tracked and this cannot be handled because this is in the hand of the network provider.

Finally, You know all about who is tracking me, Now you have the information that your location, data, browsing history are tracked.

Now you are smart so you can stop tracking yourself.

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