Google launches COVID-19 Information Site Coronavirus

Google launches COVID-19 Info Site & New Search Experience for Coronavirus Queries

Google has launched its anticipated COVID-19 information website with that a new experience for searching queries about coronavirus.

It has announced around a week ago, that they have officially launched a dedicated website for coronavirus information and resources, that is available at

This website is mainly related to preventing, educating, and providing local resources about Coronavirus.

With the help of this website, people will get some safety tips, search trends related to COVID-19 and people will get state-based information.

Connecting people with COVID-19 information and resources

The Website contains the following information:

Safety and prevention tips

Health information

Resources to help

Data and insights

The latest news from Google's blog

Links to donate to relief efforts

Google launching its coronavirus website today in the US by broadening the availability of more languages and countries in the coming days. The website will be updated continuously when new information becomes available.


With the launch of a dedicated website, Google has a new COVID-19 search experience. It contains official information of health officials with new data and visualizations.

People will be navigated by the new search experience to important information and resources.

Websites include health authorities links on pages and a carousel of health authorities, accounts of local civic organizations, and Twitter accounts.

World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with its snippets sources

Searchers will see a feature that is about the simplification of common questions about COVID-19.

Google is also helping people in tracking the latest information about the spread of COVID-19 with a map which bing already launched days ago and with the statistics.

Google has launched its anticipated COVID-19 information website

The new search experience is gonna fully roll out in the coming days in English in the US,

and making a plan with expanding in other counties and languages soon.

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Source: Google

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