How to get Netflix Premium Account without credit or debit card

How to get Netflix Premium Account without credit or debit card

 How to get Netflix Premium Account without credit or debit card

Get a Netflix subscription without a credit or debit card: This Tricks will be done by Virtual Card. I found a new app for you that will provide Virtual Card. This trick is new and this trick will work for 1 month or 1.5 months or greater. So Take it till you are enjoying it. Netflix Premium Account without credit or debit card.

What you need for Netflix Premium Account

You need an application that name is Cashier, Download This app And Install it. After installing this app you have to register then you got a virtual card With This virtual card, you can activate your Netflix Account.

Note: - This app will generate only one virtual card for one mobile number on Netflix account But you can create multiple Netflix account with one mobile by clearing all data of that application.

This is the latest Working Trick so you no need to worry about anything And 1 or 1.5 months you can take full advantage. You just collect the mobile number then you can create many Netflix account.

Let see how we can sign up for this app and how can bypass the identity verification of this app

Steps for getting the virtual card to activate Netflix account-

1. Download the Cashier App by click here (this app provide you virtual card)

2. Install App → Open App then click on Next & Finish.

3. Then you have to click on the register.

4. After that, you have to enter your mobile number (but that number should be unregistered)

5. Click on Register And Wait for OTP (One Time Password) → Click on Verify

6. Now fill the form (you can enter any details) - Like Below

Name - Xyz (Any Name)

Last Name - Zyx (Any Name)

DOB - 08-08-1992 (Any Date of Birth) Should be 18+

Email - (Any Email)

Password - xyz@123 (Any Password)

7. Click on Next then select pan card.

8. The number of Pancard to be inserted in this way (HARCO4325K) Five alphabets in the first and four digits after that and one alphabet in the last.

9. Click on register, the application will recognize that you have inserted the right pan card and will register you.

10. That's it Your Profile has been created, Continue to log in, Ok.

Now you just have to log in, you have to enter your mobile number and enter the password.

After Successful Login This app will speak to you for Physical Card, You no need to apply for Physical Card We need only a Virtual Card, After loading you will get a virtual card With This Virtual Card you can activate your Netflix Account.

Netflix Premium Account without credit or debit card

Steps for activating Netflix Account -

1. Open the Netflix website in any browser Clicks on Join Free For A Month → See the plans Choose the Premium Plan by clicking on continue.

2. Fill The Form to create your account

Email - (any email but remember this email)

Password - xyzz123 (Any Password)

3. Click Continue Now Select Credit or Debit Card

4. Fill in the details - (Which you made in the cashier application)

First Name - Xyz

Last Name - Zyx

Card Number - Which you got from the cashier application

Expiry Date - Check your Virtual Card

Security Code (CVV) - Check your Virtual Card

5. Tick on I agrees then click on Start Membership.

Netflix Premium Account without credit or debit card

Now you can see the Verify card option has arrived, For the virtual card, the mobile number that you registered, OTP will be on the mobile number After Receiving OTP just enter OTP then click on submit Now wait for some second you will be entered in your account, No Need to enter any type of mobile number just click on continue.

You can Download & Install Netflix Application and log in. Enjoy This trick I hope you liked this trick plz share your comments and let us know how you like it.

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