How to get WhatsApp account without any mobile no | Get US mobile number | Bypass OTP

How to get a US mobile number | How to get WhatsApp account without any mobile no | How to bypass OTP of any app | How to earn money Today I am going to tell you how you can get a WhatsApp account without any OTP or how we can bypass OTP Or Get US mobile number. In this method, I am not using any coding or any Linux operator and also not an OS (Operating System). Here Only I will tell you about the Application in this app you will get many disposal numbers with these disposal numbers you can bypass any OTP of any app.

Benefits of Bypass OTP (Earn Money) | Get US mobile number.

Like if you have any earning app And this app is giving you any referral amount (like per referral 25rs) Here what you can do you no need any person or friends you no need to refer anyone you can get as much as you want referral amount With this app Without giving anyone you can bypass OTP own your own and you can earn money.

In this post, I will tell you how I can bypass OTP for WhatsApp and generate a new WhatsApp number.

Follow the below steps and know how you can bypass OTP Or Get a US mobile number.

1. You need an Application that name is 2ndLine you can download this app from the play store or by CLICK HERE.

This app provides many disposal numbers. These are those number which is not used but you can use.

2. Installing this app just sign up and fill in the information.

Email – (you can fill any email)

Password – xyzyza (you can fill any password)

Note: - The best thing is you no need to remember this email & password. This is a one-time process.

3. Tab on Create Account. Then click on continue to verify your account.

4. Now you will get CAPTCHA just solve it. & click on verify.

You will get a screen where you have two options Set UP Or Not Now. Don’t tab on Not Now.

5. Click on Set Up to receive calls & messages. Now allow every permission.

Note: - After Allow permissions you will get Again Two Options Use my location Or Don’t use location

6. Tab on Don’t use location, Now you have to enter the area code, Create a pattern with 3 digits number And fill the area code Example:- 615, 918

Note:- When you fill this area code, tab on continue, here you will get 6 number these numbers generated by this app and change in every minute. But if you save any number that number will save in your phone and never change.

7. Select any number and tab on continuing.

HURRAY Now your app is open and you got your number in this number you can receive any calls or messages. Finally, You got a free number or disposal number.

8. Now just copy this number.

9. Allow the permission of SMS (main permission) or you can allow all permission.

10. Open Your WhatsApp Click on AGREE AND CONTINUE.

11. Now change the code +91 to +1 because this is the United States Number that we got before.

12. Paste the Phone number that we copied from the 2nd line App, Click on Next.

Note:- You will get the pop message that [+1 (your number) is not a valid mobile number for the country: United States.]

You No Need To worry What you have to do now open the 2nd line app and sign out of your account. Goto settings and tab on the sign-out.

13. Here you have to create one more account just like before. Same to the Same Process. With different area codes.

Note:- If you Got this type of error you have to create & generate 1 more new number. In this app, 60% number will work for WhatsApp and 40% number will not work. It depends on the application that how to verify this number.

This time you can see the pop-up that “We will be verifying the phone number”.

14. Now just tab on ok --> Continue then allow permission.

Note: - Now it is saying that the message will arrive in 1 hour. Like this “We couldn’t send an SMS to your number. Please check your number and try again in 1 hour.” If you Don’t receive any SMS then click on Call me And The call will arrive in a short while or the message will not come. Or you got the code just enter that code and enjoy the trick.

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With this trick, you can create an unlimited WhatsApp Account & As well as bypass an application's OTP, like you, can find many apps on the play store which app provide you offer of referring or invite and earn. To earn money you can use this trick by bypass the OTP and earn money as much as you can.

Note: - This post is only for educational purposes.

Finally, You Get a US mobile number or a WhatsApp Account Without any Mobile Number, And You know the trick of how people bypass any OTP.

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