Searches of Indian Languages on Google increased by 20 percent

Google पर भारतीय भाषाओं की खोजों में 20% की वृद्धि हुई

According to Google, it has enlarged its reach in India for developing software and it shows compatible growth. Google said that in the whole world, Google Assistant software mostly used in Hindi, and searches on Google increased by 20%.

Searches of Indian Languages on Google increased by 20%

Nidhi Gupta is a Google India Senior Product Manager and she said that 2 percent was only the searches for Indian languages on Google in 2014, but now in 2019, searches on Google increased by 20%. In India voice searches also increasing at the rate of 270 percent

They told that in 2014 Google started their voice search service in Hindi, whereas voice search service in English is available since 2008. Nidhi Gupta also said that at present the internet users in India are around 46Crore and in India, there are most of the users of the Indian language. They also told that at present in India around 38-40Crore people are going to use a smartphone.

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They said that to spread the use of the Internet in Indian languages including Hindi, in 2014 Goggle launched Voice search service in Hindi, in the 2016 Hindi tab in the Search Results page, In 2017 Neural Machine Translation Chrome, in 2017 Google launched Google Assistant and in 2018 Navlekha.

By all this software the reach of Google in the Indian language counting Hindi is increasing.

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