Sundar Pichai became CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google

 सुंदर पिचाई GOOGLE की मूल कंपनी  ALPHABET  के CEO बन गए।

On Tuesday, Google appointed Indian-origin Sundar Pichai as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for Alphabet its parent company. Sundar Pichai becomes CEO and he is going to replace the founder of internet giant Larry Page.

Sundar Pichai became CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google

Larry Page and Sergey Brin's founders will remain and participate in the role of shareholders and the members of Alphabet’s Board. Page and Brin said in a letter to employees. that whenever they felt about running the company in a better way, they never stopped management. Let us know that in 2015,

The alphabet was formed which is the parent company Google. It also gives different identities as projects like smart cities group Sidewalk labs and autonomous car unit Waymo.

Depression? Don't Worry you have Google!!!

Right now in the tech world, the company is facing disputes connected to its position. India-born 47-year-old Sundar Pichai is handling the situation when Page and Brin are not present. Sundar Pichai taking this position when the company is facing mistrust controversies on inspection and data practices in the United States.

The company also explain that they also faced an accusation of sexual harassment in the workplace and surveillance by the founders in the company’s original code of conduct.

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