Whatsapp announcing new feature for iphone users.

Whatsapp introducing a new chat design, updated Braille keyboard, and call waiting.

Whatsapp bringing new updates for iPhone users and that is call waiting, advancing the Braille keyboard, and improvements in the chat screen.

This feature was announced earlier this month and this is gonna be directly updated to the stable version of WhatsApp with group privacy features.

The call waiting feature is the highlight of this update.

Whatsapp users were not able to receive any other call through WhatsApp when they are already on a call. With the help of call waiting for feature now users will receive a notification, called by someone else if they are already on a call.

This feature enables users to switch immediately on a new call or remain on the same call.

And features are improved chat screen this will allow users to scan messages easily and can send messages quickly while they are on voiceover mode with the help of Braille keyboard.

This update also includes group privacy features that are already released in the update. 

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