WhatsApp comes up with new feature, messages will get disappear bythemselves

 WhatsApp नए फीचर के साथ आया, Messages अपने आप गायब हो जाएंगे

Whatsapp has a lot of new features, there are two unique features of WhatsApp  - Dark Mode and Delete Message. Actually disappearing message feature name is the Delete Message feature and this is part of WhatsApp's new feature.

WhatsApp comes up with a new feature, messages will get disappear by themselves

-This Whatsapp new feature is kept on testing.

-Now beta version includes deleting the message feature.

Secret Feature of WhatsApp

Messages sent to the instant messaging app will disappear by themselves. This type of feature facebook messenger already has. For this, we have to use the secret feature of the messenger. Now, this type of feature is coming in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has released a beta update for Android smartphones. In this version, this feature can be seen under the name Delete Message. According to its senders of the message can set it for some time. Although earlier this feature was known as disappearing message.

The latest beta version has only the disappearing message feature, rather dark mode is supported. People have been waiting for dark mode for a long time. Although both of these features are in development mode and they are being tested.

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These features can be seen in the beta version of Android 2.19.348. for the time being, this is not decided that when the company will start its stable version. If you want to use this feature now, then you have to sign up in the google play beta program.

If you want then you can download the beta version from the APK mirror and can test it. Here you can find the latest beta version of the APK file in which you download it and use it.

According to the report under this feature, not only one message but a complete conversation will be deleted and for this, you can set the timer. At the moment it is also not clear whether it will be given only for group chats or for all chats.

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